• Pink Water Lily - 78102
  • Pink Water Lily - 78102
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Pink Water Lily

Nymphaea marliacea

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Our ready to grow Pink Hardy Waterlily plants will add intense color and green foilage to any water garden, while also attracting birds and butterflies. This plant is also cold hardy and will survive winter temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit in any pond where water does not freeze to pot level. These lilies will thrive with any other water plants already growing in your pond. Simply drop the water plant kit into your pond and watch it grow!

  • 1 Pink Waterlily Plant
  • 1 fertilizer tablet implanted in the soil
  • Soil
  • Plastic Water Basket

*Please note: These water lily items are received a bit later from our suppliers than our other spring planted bulbs. Therefore, all orders containing water lilies will begin shipping in early April, according to hardiness zone.

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Actually grows in a bucket of water.