Blue Grape Hyacinth or Muscari

Muscari armeniacum

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Love the fragrance of hyacinths but looking for something a little more subtle? Try these! The Muscari armeniacum, or Grape Hyacinth, is a vibrant purple/blue flower, resembling small, tightly-packed grape clusters. Blooming in mid-spring, the Grape Hyacinth works great for borders, mass plantings, and under trees, and won't be eaten by four-legged visitors!

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My granddaughter said "Wow MooMoo, are we planting all of these today? Needless to say, she wanted her own end of a flowerbed so she'd know where her bulbs were supposed to be. We were both pleased with the quality of the bulbs as they were all good. Not a one with mold or soft spots. She asked if I always ordered from y'all and I said yes, that I always get good quality bulbs for the price and they always arrive on time.

Near Yosemite

Such great bulbs

Fresh and firm bulbs. Great quality!