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Bubble Blend Allium Mix

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A fun and bubbly mix of various medium size allium blooms is a nice addition to the late spring garden. White and various shades of purple ball shaped blooms will sit atop tall stems. For best results plant bulbs in groups of 3-5 allium per hole.

  • Allium require full sun for the best blooms
  • Well drained soil is a must for allium bulbs
  • In heavy, clay and poorly drained soils amend the soil prior to planting. Amend your existing soil by incorporating a combination of top soil, compost, manure, and leaf mold.
  • Fertilize at planting with Hi Yield Bulb Food or for organic gardening use Bulb-Tone. Apply fertilizer at least 3” below the bottom of the bulbs so that the roots will get the most benefit from the fertilizer.
  • Plant allium bulbs 4-6” deep, with the old roots of the bulb touching the earth, the pointed end should be facing the sky.
  • Spacing will vary based on variety, refer to the Allium packaging for specifics. Plant allium in clusters or space throughout the garden for a neat geometric design element.
  • Immediately after planting, water the allium planting area. This helps to eliminate air pockets. After the initial planting bulbs do not require additional watering in fall or winter and prefer to be kept dry.
  • Apply a 2” layer of mulch in late fall.
Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

mixed alliums!!!

I love alliums and I'm so excited to see the mix of colors in these. Best price I've found so far.

Middletown, Ohio

Blue Allium

Cant wait to see this exciting color bloom in my garden. Fast shipping, great customer service, quality bulbs, reasonable price.

Middletown, Ohio

Bubble Blend Mix

  • reasonable price
  • good quality bulbs
  • fast shipping
Can't wait to see these bloom in the spring. Customer service, speed of delivery, and quality of bulbs was great. So far, so good.