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Fragrant Peony Collection

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Bursts of large and showy blooms emerge in Spring on one of the most loved and known spring blooming perennial: the peony! Fragrant peonies are long lived garden favorites and make excellent cut flowers.

Our Fragrant Peony Collection includes 4 fully double blooming peonies, all blooming in late spring. Peonies are cold hardy perennials that thrive in cold climates, as they do need a certain amount of winter hours under 40 degrees in order to produce a bloom. Hardiness zone 8 is the highest zone suitable for growing peonies.

Peonies are shrubby perennials, growing 2-3' tall with a slightly larger spread, their attractive foliage often emerges with shades of red in spring. Once established peonies are very easy to grow and low maintenance, however proper planting in critical to their success. See the additional notes on this item for planting advice.

This Collection contains the following:

Planting Advice
  • Performs best in full sun to partial shade
  • Fertilize in spring or early summer with fertilizer that contains low levels of nitrogen such as Dr. Earth Spectacular Bulb Food
  • Peonies may take several seasons to bloom, but these long lasting perennial classics are worth the wait
  • Fast growing to 2.5'-3'
  • Peonies are sensitive to planting depth, plant with crown slightly below the soil level
  • Peonies do not favor being transplanted, choose a location it can stay in for a long time.
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Peony Collection

  • Value and sturdy root stock
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This collection was a great value compared to purchasing individual peony plants.