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Share Your Garden Photos!

We love to hear our customer's blooming success through garden photos, and our other garden friends would love to be inspired by what you have accomplished! If you have photos of your blooms from Holland Bulb Farms, don't hesitate to share, we want to see them! Fill out the form below, upload your photos and submit it. Also, don't forget to share what bulbs you grew. Your photo may even be featured on our websites, blogs, or on facebook!

*By submitting images to Holland Bulb Farms, you agree that you are the rightful owner and allow Holland Bulb Farms full rights of display and use of these images. Any image submitted to Holland Bulb Farms may be altered to fit the necessary format. Any images submitted may be used on any Holland Bulb Farms webpages and promotional materials. These may include (but are not limited to) promotional emails, other advertisements, headers, banners, the Holland Bulb Farms Facebook page, and the Bulb Blog. Image information is subject to editorial review to correct grammar and spelling, delete expletives and provide additional commentary to a user’s submission for clarification purposes.