Bulbs as Favors for Weddings and Special Events

Flower bulbs make great favors for special events (such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, and seminars) and can be a wonderful way for your guests to remember the special occasion for years to come! Flower bulbs are seasonal items and therefore, are not available at all times of the year due to availability based on harvest times. Summer blooming (spring planted) bulbs make wonderful favors for events occurring in the months of March through June. Spring blooming (fall planted) bulbs are great for events occurring in late August through November. Unfortunately, there are certain times of the year (months not listed above) where bulbs are unavailable due to harvest times

Fall Planted (Spring Blooming) Bulbs

Perfect for events in September, October, and November
fall bulbs as wedding favors

*Special Order Wedding Tulips
Special Order Tulips are available for shipping starting August 15th. These top size (12+/cm) tulip bulbs are a special order item which are air-freighted to us here in the States to allow for them to be available earlier than normal. These tulips are available in pink, purple, red, yellow, white and mixed colors. These tulip bulbs are available for purchase per bulb but are not available on our website for regular online ordering.
For pricing and to special order these early shipment tulips for your big event, please
call 1-800-689-2852

Spring Planted(Summer Blooming) Bulbs

Perfect for events in March, April, May and June
spring bulbs summer bulbs wedding favors
Packaging and presentation ideas for flower bulbs as wedding favors:
  • Wrap each bulb or group of bulbs in a piece of tulle to make a bulb satchel. Cut a piece of corresponding ribbon to tie to the satchel with a card that includes planting instructions or a note from the bride and groom.
  • Place bulbs in decorative boxes and include a note with planting instructions on the inside of the box.
  • For a rustic outdoor wedding or event, wrap each bulb in burlap with twine to secure closed.
  • Purchase decorative "Chinese takeout" boxes and fill with an assortment of small bulbs such as muscari, allium or squills.
  • Build a bulb buffet, using a mix of bulbs as well as containers to store the bulbs in. Make small information cards about each bulb so when the guests are make their selections they will know which bulbs are best suited for their planting areas. Provide small paper bags and markers for the guests to put the bulbs from the buffet in.
  • Check out a blog post from Bridget with other ideas for incorporating bulbs into your next event or wedding.