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Do We Have a Catalog?


At this time, we have decided it is in your best interests or our best interests if we do not produce a catalog and here is why...

  • We strive to provide our customers with the largest selection of bulbs and plants possible, as well as extensive planting information. We have found that the best way to do this is though our online website. Not only can we provide more information on our site, but it is also easier to navigate than a catalog through the use of our search and refining features. Ordering right online while you shop is fast, convenient, and gives you instant order confirmation!

  • There are significant costs involved in producing and mailing a catalog each season. Therefore, our decision to not produce one results in great cost savings which we can pass onto you, our valued customer. Featuring our products only online also allows for more flexibility in sales and specials which ultimately results in a lower total order price for you, too!
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