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  • Joyful Occasion Potted Bulb Garden - MG1853
  • Joyful Occasion Potted Bulb Garden - MG1853

Joyful Occasion Potted Bulb Garden

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    A joyful occasion calls for a joyful present to celebrate! This potted bulb garden will burst forth with joy within weeks of receiving it! 

    Colorful red and white amaryllis are the tallest flower in the potted bulb garden. These beautiful amaryllis are surrounded by tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus. All of these spring blooming bulbs in the bulb garden blooming in the winter months remind us of the joys of spring that will soon present themselves.

    *Living Garden Bulb Gardens are not able to be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. We also do not ship these items to P.O. Boxes.*

    *We can't honor custom delivery dates or hold orders for delivery on a specific date. All bulb gardens ship within 1-3 business days upon receipt of the order

    Holland Bulb Farms has partnered with Living Gardens to be the exclusive provider of Living Gardens potted bulb gardens. Living Gardens has been supplying the gardening industry for over 25 years.

    What makes Living Gardens® stand out?

    • Premium quality and sized bulbs used in all Living Gardens potted bulb gardens
    • A mission to always offer quality products not otherwise available to mass market.
    • Living Gardens employs an independent bulb inspector in Holland who has a lifetime of experience. His careful eye is the first step in assuring a quality product.
    • Careful and considerate sourcing of bulbs to assure optimal growing conditions & careful handling
    • Living Gardens works with inspectors, farmers and exporters to go the extra mile to ensure outstanding results.

    Due to our very high quality control standards, in very rare instances we might need to substitute the garden you are shipped. It is very rare that this does happen, but, any substitution sent is always of equal or more value than the garden you had ordered. We do our very best in these instances to closely match the varieties and colors you ordered as much as possible.

    Upon arrival of your bulb garden expect to see 1-3" sprouted growing tips. In order to maintain the garden's shape during shipping we hold it together with elastic bands and a layer of decorative moss.

    Depending on the types and varieties of bulbs in your bulb garden they may bloom at the same time, or in succession. All potted bulb gardens are shipped with an easy to follow care instruction card.

    Just imagine…in a few weeks you will be enjoying the fragrance and colors of spring flowers! After the bulb shoots turn green your garden will begin to grow and bring you weeks of pleasure.

    Caring for your bulbs is easy. Start by setting the pot in a sink or bowl of water for about 30 minutes to let the soil absorb the necessary amount. Place the bulb garden in a cool location (between 40º and 60º F is ideal) that receives bright light. 

    A sunny location is necessary for optimal blooms and growth from this bulb garden. Place the bulb garden in a sunny window that receives at least 5 hours of sun per day.

    Keep soil moist but not saturated. Remove flowers as they fade.

    Bulbs can be replanted outdoors in a sunny location after blooming (Zones 3-8) once all danger of frost has passed. Forcing bulbs indoors depletes a great deal of their energy. It may take a few years for
    the bulbs to rejuvenate before they bloom again.

    Enclosed is a pot of pre-rooted Dutch Bulbs. The shoots may be above the soil line and can be brittle, so please take care when removing pot from box. Carefully locate the rim of the pot and lift it out gently. Remove the moss and water thoroughly upon arrival. If your potted bulbs arrive frozen let them thaw overnight before watering.

    If you are unable to care for your pot of bulbs immediately: water it well, keep in a cool (not below freezing) dark place for a short period of time.

    Note: If your garden came with a decorative container be aware that it may not be waterproof. Please be sure to place it on a water resistant surface.

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
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    Great Gift

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    This is a great gift. It's interesting to watch the bulbs pop up and flower over a week or so. Perfect for a kitchens window display.



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    Arrived beautifully arranged in the basket and promptly started growing and blooming. Currently in bloom for its third week, and amaryllis will pop soon. Couldn’t be happier! Made a wonderful gift!


    Difficulty Timing Blooms

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    • quality
    • price
    • aesthetics
    • organization
    • bloom timing
    I found it difficult to get the flowers to bloom as a garden. Instead the flowers bloomed on their own schedule. Hyacinth was over when tulips and daffodils bloomed. Amaryllis still has not bloomed and the other flowers will be over. I was happy with the neatness of the bulb plantings. Organized by height of the blossoms, shortest in front, tallest in back. Would purchase again to see if the results were the same.