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Be Mine Waxed Amaryllis

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    Looking for a unique gift for someone you love this Valentine's Day? Then look no further than a Be Mine Waxed Amaryllis. This red waxed Amaryllis adorned with a heart (heart color will vary) requires no water or soil, making it the perfect gift for gardeners and non-gardeners alike! All bulbs are hand-selected and dipped in-house in our custom wax blend. Place your Waxed Amaryllis in any brightly lit location and watch it grow and bloom in 4-8 weeks.

    What to Expect When Receiving My Waxed Amaryllis:

    The waxed amaryllis may arrive in a dormant state or with little growth. A bud may be present on some waxed amaryllis but not all. Waxed amaryllis should be placed in a warm location for optimal growth. Growth and blooms will occur within 4-8 weeks of receiving the bulb.

    **Valentine Amaryllis will start shipping the end of January.

    Note: There is very little chance this amaryllis will bloom again after the first bloom time. However, it is possible to help it bloom again by removing the wax layer and planting the bulb in the ground.

    Waxed amaryllis require no water or soil to grow. Place the waxed amaryllis on a flat surface in a bright location, although they will grow in low light settings. The waxed amaryllis should bloom 2-3 times per season.

    You may remove the wax from the amaryllis bulb for possible growth and blooms the next season.

    To get your waxed amaryllis to bloom again:

    Cut off the leaves from bulb and remove the bulb from the pot and soil it is planted in. Store the bulb in a paper bag in cool, dry, and dark location. Avoid storing the bulb in extreme heat or cold.

    In late September to early October prepare to wake up the bulb for growth and blooms. Take the amaryllis out of the bag and plant the bulb in soil, add water and sun. Gradually expose the potted amaryllis to sun to help keep the growth balanced. Within 6-8 weeks new blooms will appear on your amaryllis.

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    Waxed bulb comes through!

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    • Requires absolutely no care
    We had a bit of a bumpy ride in that the first bulb arrived and almost immediately the wax split and the bulb started bubbling up with foam instead of a bud stalk or leaves. I contacted the Holland Bulb and they sent a replacement right away. A week later, the new bulb is showing a bud poking up! So glad about this. The amaryllises of all types that I have purchased from Holland Bulb have been beautiful, and this waxed bulb idea is a little odd but as it requires no care what-so-ever, it makes a great gift for the horticulturally challenged.

    no more chocolate!

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    • festive
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    • can't select the design of the bulb wax
    I decided to change things up for my 20-something kids this Valentines Day, sending them a waxed amaryllis bulb to watch grown over the next several weeks while they are trapped in their apartments in NYC and Boston. Fun surprise for them. I think forced bulbs are a great way to brighten the dreary days of winter and the Valentine themed wax bulbs were a perfect gift. Thanks for the inspiration!