• Mixed Botanical Crocus Jumbo Pack - 83107
  • Mixed Botanical Crocus Jumbo Pack - 83107
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Mixed Botanical Crocus Jumbo Pack

Crocus chrysanthus

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100 bulbs per package
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The Botanical Mixed Crocus pack is a hearty mixture of multicolored Crocus with our top-sized bulbs! Blooming in very early spring, the Mixed Crocus love the sun and partial shade and can be planted in beds, borders and pots. It is also is a great plant to use for naturalizing and can be planted throughout a lawn for a splash of early color!

  • Try this Jumbo Pack of top-sized bulbs for an unbeatable price!
  • Crocus like a sunny location, but will tolerate partial shade.
  • Crocus require well-drained soil with organic matter. Amend soil with organic matter such as compost, manure or peat humus.
  • Space your crocus 2-4” apart, or plant together in one large hole leaving a small amount of space between bulbs so they are not touching.
  • Crocus don’t always have a noticeably pointed end. Plant your crocus 2-3” deep, with the flattest side touching the earth. If you are unsure which side is up, plant the crocus corms on their side, they will straighten out to find the sun.
  • Fertilize at planting with Hi Yield Bulb Food or for organic gardening use Bulb-Tone. Apply fertilizer at least 2” below the bottom of the bulbs so that the roots will get the most benefit from the fertilizer.
  • Water the area the crocus have been planted immediately after. Additional water in fall and winter is not necessary; bulbs prefer to be kept dry when dormant.
  • Apply a 2” layer of mulch in late fall.
Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

I wished they shipped earlier

Good price and good product. I only wished they shipped when I ordered and didn’t wait. I know better then general zone ratings. These crocus were already waking up.

Tonawanda, NY

My order

For some reason, the package was damaged upon receipt. Of course, the post office knows nothing about this, so our order was not in it's entirety. Also, due to the inclement weather, we missed our window of opportunity to plant so will have to wait until next season. How about some suggestions to keep bulbs "alive" until next season?

mixed crocus bulbs

  • good mixture of bulbs
I planted 500 of these in my lawn this fall to imitate a meadow,so I look forward to a blast of color come spring. To plant I used a 1" spade bit on my battery powered drill and dropped the bulbs in the hole. I back filled the hole with a hand full of potting soil. The darker color was helped me track where I planted.