• Red Futurity Canna - 73170
  • Red Futurity Canna - 73170
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Red Futurity Canna

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Dwarf Canna with red blooms and a mix of deep green and burgundy foliage. Red Futurity Canna is a nice choice for container gardens, or near waters edge. Hummingbirds are very attracted to canna lily blooms, especially red canna lily blooms.
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Cannas ( Rosemond Cole, Pink Futurity, Red Futurity, & Los Angeles)

All of the Canna bulbs I buy from Holland Bulbs are great quality. They are always larger, firmer, and much healthier than Cannas I've bought from other nurseries.
Red Futurity is an especially robust grower and a prolific flowering canna.
I have to say that Rosemond Cole is one of my favorites and is also very reliable and beautiful.