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  • Cozy Sweater Amaryllis - 92403
  • Cozy Sweater Amaryllis - 92403
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Cozy Sweater Amaryllis

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It's cute and it's cozy and it's keeping this amaryllis nice and warm. Cozy Sweater Amaryllis bulb has a green sweater on with a dazzling pattern. Makes a great gift anytime of the year. Amaryllis are easy to grow flowers, they are nearly fail proof making them perfect gift for people of all ages.

These easy to grow and fail proof amaryllis bulbs are specially prepared with a protective cover and then a cozy sweater is placed over them. We use specially selected bulbs that are prepared to grow with sweater on and do not require any water or soil to grow. Requiring little light they grow in most light settings including an office or indoor space that does not receive natural light.