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Peppermint Swirl Amaryllis Trio Collection

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3 potted amaryllis per package
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This delightful trio of 3 festive amaryllis is ready to grow! Three pre-potted amaryllis are included in the collection, all you or your gift recipient needs to do is add water. 

Amaryllis are one of the easiest flower bulbs to grow, and do exceptionally well in most indoor settings. Even in low light settings amaryllis will burst forth with showy blooms within weeks of receiving. 

Peppermint Swirl Amaryllis Trio makes a refreshing holiday season gift for any person who enjoys flowers in their home. Send this trio of potted amaryllis bulbs to a friend, or enjoy the gift of blooms in  your home this winter season! 

Peppermint Swirl Amaryllis Trio Collection Includes:

For best growth place in a warm location that receives some sun. Water 1 cup per week when sprouts are seen growing from the container. If no sun is available these potted amaryllis will still put on a showy display of blooms. Each potted amaryllis will bloom with multiple flowers per stalk. Expect 1-3 cycles of blooms to be produced from each potted amaryllis. 

The ideal growing location for this pre-potted amaryllis is one that receives some sun throughout the day. Amaryllis will grow and bloom in very low light settings.

Water 1 cup or less until blooms form. If the soil is moist, do not add additional water. Once blooms appear water may be increased, however only add water when the soil is completely dry.

Expect multiple blooms per stem to appear from the pre-potted amaryllis. Once the blooms have faded cut the stem back to level with the top of the container. The amaryllis may bloom 2-3 more times the season it was first received.

Once the amaryllis has started to grow only leaves it is finished blooming for the year.

How to Get my Amaryllis to bloom again?

Cut off the leaves from bulb. Remove the bulb from the pot and soil it is planted in. Store the bulb in a paper bag in cool, dry, and dark location. Avoid storing the bulb in extreme heat or cold.

In late September to early October prepare to wake up the bulb for growth and blooms. Take the amaryllis out of the bag and plant the bulb in soil, add water and sun. Gradually expose the potted amaryllis to sun to help keep the growth balanced. Within 6-8 weeks new blooms will appear on your amaryllis.