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Butterfly Saddlebag Garden

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No room for a planter? No problem! Vertical garden kits are designed like a saddlebag to straddle a porch, deck or balcony railing to create a hanging display on both sides! Hanging saddlebag is re-usable and can be used year after year!  Just add fresh soil and seeds and enjoy for years to come! Included in the Garden is 1 saddlebag and 1 butterfly seed packet.  Butterfly Seed packet includes Dianthus, Verbena, Black Eyed Susan, Dwarf California Poppy, Dwarf Mix Petunia, Dwarf Columbine and Winter Thyme. 

Measures:  8.5" x 29.5"

Planting Time Considerations

You may start the seeds that are included with this butterfly garden ahead of time. However it is not necessary to start the seeds early to have success with the butterfly saddlebag garden.

If you are planting the butterfly saddlebag garden late in winter or early in spring, you may want to start the seeds early and then transplant the started plants to the planting bag.

If you are planting the butterfly saddlebag garden in mid to late spring or early summer you can directly sow the seeds into the soil in the hummingbird vertical garden.

Planting instructions for early planting and staring the seeds indoors

Start your Seeds

About 6-8 weeks before the last anticipated frost in your area start you seeds in small pots or open flats with good drainage. Keep seedlings moist and warm, but not wet, at all times. Use a liquid plant fertilizer after sprouts are about 1" tall, diluted to half strength.

Fill bag with soil

When your stater plants are 1-2" tall and have formed a good root system, lay the bag flat with the holes side up. Completely fill the bag with a moist soil mix.

Insert the plants

Gently remove the plants from the starter pots or flats, enough to fill the round openings in the bag. Take special care to keep intact the entire root system for each plant. Remove enough soil in the round circles for the roots then insert the plants into the holes. Tamp around the plants and add extra soil into the holes until the plants are firmly in place. Water well through the openings in the bag. Note: Keep growing additional plants for use in the next step.

Hang your garden

Keep the bag lying flat for about 10 days to allow the plants to become established. When you hang the bag, slowly lift and tilt upright and place two additional plants into the opening at the top of the bag. If needed, add additional soil to the top of the bag to keep the top two plants firmly in place. Hang your garden anywhere that gets plenty of sun each day. Continue to water plant frequently and fertilize as needed.

Planting Instructions for planting seeds directly into the vertical garden

Lay planting bag on its side. Remove the pre-cut holes from the bag. Fill the vertical bag with a lightweight potting mix. Add seed mixture to the soil where the cut out holes are. Add water to the planting holes on the bag, careful to not overfill the bag too quickly. Leave the bag on a flat surface in a sunny location until sprouts appear. Once sprouts appear and the plants to be firmly rooted, you may hang the vertical garden. Sprouts should appear and be sturdy enough to hang 2-4 weeks after planting.

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Can't do anything with it until next year. Too late in the season now.

Nice, but lots of work

This is a nice kit, but its way more work than I thought it would be, and messy. It is still growing so I hope it gets full and lush like in the pics.

Lakeway Texas

Saddle bag mixed butterfly

Colors are amazing for butterflies and bees birds are visiting as well.
We sit for hours watching and videos to family.
Keep up what your doing


  • quality
seeds sprouted quickly. Excited to watch them grow and bloom.

Butterfly saddlebag vertical garden

Nicely packaged. Good value.