Orienpet Lily Collection

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12 bulbs per package
Ship Season: Fall

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Can't decide which tall Orienpet Lily you want to plant in your garden? Here is an easy solution, plant all four popular varieties we carry! This Orienpet Lily Collection offers all four varieties we sell Purple Prince, Garden Wonder, Satisfaction and Pretty woman. All together for the best value! Orienpet Lilies are an exciting new group of hybrid lilies which are a cross between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies.

You will get 1 package of each of the four orienpet varieties we offer, each package contains 3 bulbs for a total of 12 tree lily bulbs!

*Orienpet lilies are often referred to as tree lilies due to the tall height they can grow to*

This collection contains the following:

1 #86102 Garden Pleasure Orienpet Lily (3/pack)

1 #86103 Pretty Woman Orienpet Lily (3/pack)

1 #86101 Purple Prince Orienpet Lily (3/pack)

1 #86121 Satisfaction Orienpet Lily (3/pack)