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Tree Lily Bulbs/Orienpet Lilies Information

Tree Lily

An extremely impressive and exquisite "new-comer" to the spring garden is the tree lily/orienpet lily. These beautiful lilies are a cross between an oriental and asiatic, therefore bearing the benefits of each. Their beautiful fragrance and vibrant colors are sure to attract pollinators as well as human visitors to your garden! Being reliably perennial, tree lilies will come back taller each year, reaching a height of 6-8' by the third season!

Plant Information

  • Planting Time: Fall
  • Bloom Time: Mid Summer
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-8
  • Suitable Zone: 3-10
  • Light Needs: Partial - Full Sun

Planting Tree Lilies

  1. Tree lilies are typically planted in the fall. Their roots will form in fall and they will bloom in mid-summer.
  2. It is critical to choose a planting location that has well drained soil and receives full to part sun.
  3. Space the bulbs of a tree lily at the same distance as you would a typical lily bulb, approx. 8-12" apart.
  4. Tree lily bulbs will look much like those of a typical lily but larger. The pointed end should face upwards in a hole approximately 10-12" deep.
  5. Thoroughly soak the area with water once all the bulbs have been planted. Water as needed while the plant is growing and blooming.
  6. After the flowers have died, allow the remaining foliage to yellow and die back. The leaves will continue to gather sunlight and make food for next year's blooms.
  7. Once the foliage has yellowed and dried, it may be removed by gently pulling it out of the soil. If the leaves do not easily pull away from the bulb, they are not ready to be removed. After the foliage has been removed, your tree lily bulbs will be dormant and ready to "rest" until next year!