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Hyacinth Flower Bulbs Information


One of the most well-known flowers for its fragrance, hyacinth bulbs are a must for those with a nose for good-smelling flowers. The tightly-packed blooms appear in mid-spring, looking somewhat formal. Reliably perennial, hyacinth flowers tend to open with age, giving them an elegant, more relaxed look in following springs. Their sweet smell and compact habit make them perfect for entryway or pathway flowerbeds. Not only does the fragrance of this flower make them wonderful for planting; it also makes them extremely repulsive to rodents and deer!

Plant Information

  • Planting Time: Fall
  • Bloom Time: Early to Mid Spring
  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Suitable Zone: 4-9
  • Light Needs: Partial - Full Sun

Planting Hyacinths

  1. Hyacinth bulbs are typically planted in fall. Their roots will form in fall and they will bloom in mid-spring.
  2. It is critical to choose a planting location that has well drained soil and receives full to partial sun.
  3. Hyacinth bulbs should be planted approximately 8-12" apart.
  4. Plant hyacinths with the pointed side up, one bulb per hole at a depth of 4-6".
  5. Thoroughly soak the area with water once all the bulbs have been planted. Water as needed while the plant is growing and blooming.
  6. Once the flowers start to fade, remove the spent flowers. This will prevent the bulbs from going to seed and wasting energy.
  7. Allow the foliage to yellow and die back. The leaves will continue to gather sunlight and make food for next year's blooms.
  8. Once the foliage has yellowed and dried, the foliage may be removed by gently pulling it out of the soil. If the leaves do not easily pull away from the bulb, they are not ready to be removed. Once the foliage has been removed, your hyacinth bulbs will be dormant and ready to "rest" until next year!