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When To Buy Fall Planted Flower Bulbs

Hands Holding Fall Bulbs

Bulbs for planting in fall can be ordered months before planting time. Our pre-shipping sale on fall planted bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and other spring-blooming favorites begins in late spring each year.

Ordering early in the pre-shipping season will ensure you get the varieties you want before they are sold out. Early ordering also helps to reserve your spot in our shipping queue based on your hardiness zone. We hold your order prior to shipping and will send the bulbs to you at the appropriate time for planting in fall.

Fall bulbs can be bought during the fall planting season which generally begins in mid-September. Fall planted bulbs are available for purchasing into early winter depending on availability and seasonal temperatures.

During peak bulb planting times of September through mid-November it may take a couple of weeks for the order to ship depending on our order volume. However, we are generally able to ship your bulbs within 3-10 business days once peak planting season is over.

Fall Varieties Collage