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When To Plant Bulbs in Spring

Flowers in Pots

Plant bulbs in spring for summer blooms in March through June. Exact planting time depends on hardiness zone and type of bulb being planted.

The first thing to know when determining when you should plant in spring is what hardiness zone are you located in. Type in your zip code and our hardiness zone finder will tell what zone you are in.

The higher the hardiness zone number the earlier in spring you can plant.

Tender bulbs such as canna lilies, calla lilies, dahlias, caladiums, and begonias can be planted in spring and early summer when soil temperatures are above 65 and the danger of frost has passed.

Tender bulbs can be started indoors in pots before they are planted in the ground. Gardeners in cold climates will benefit from starting their tender bulbs indoors 6-8 weeks before it is safe to plant outside.

Begonias and caladiums will benefit greatly from being started indoors in pots prior to being planted outside. Other tender bulbs like dahlias and canna lilies will benefit from being started indoors as well. However, dahlias and canna lilies sprout quickly in the ground as long as the soil is warm enough. 

Lily bulbs like Oriental Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, and Tiger Lilies tolerate cold temperatures better than most spring planted bulbs. Therefore, lily bulbs can be planted once your soil and air temperatures are above 50 degrees. Lily bulbs grow easily when planted directly in the ground in spring. 

Spring planted bulbs are often called summer bulbs as most types are planted in spring and bloom in summer. Shop our selection of spring planted summer blooming bulbs here

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