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When To Plant Bare Root Perennials

Cupid Culvers Root With Question Mark

Plant bare root perennials in spring during the months of March through June. Planting time depends on hardiness zone and the type of perennial that will be planted. 

Determine what hardiness zone you are in. Type in your zip code and our zone finder will tell what zone you are in. The higher the hardiness zone number the earlier in spring you can plant.

Bare root perennials tolerate cold soil and air temperatures better than tender bulbs. They can be planted when soil and air temperatures are above 55 degrees. Bare root perennials can also be started in pots prior to planting in the ground. This is helpful if you are unsure if the soil is warm enough. Starting bare root perennials in pots prior to planting in the ground helps ensure the plant has a solid root system and top growth while they are getting established. 

Perennials with sturdy root systems and quick growth rates can be planted directly in the ground when the soil and air temperatures are warm enough. Daylilies, Hosta, Bleeding Hearts, Peonies and Siberian Iris are all bare root perennials that transplant well when planted directly in the ground.

For people new to planting bare root perennials they will benefit from starting with perennials that are on our list of Beginner Friendly Perennials

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