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Amaryllis Information


Amaryllis bulbs are great for indoor forcing and are typically used for this purpose. Mostly thought of us holiday gifts or decorations, these bulbs typically begin to sprout within two weeks of planting in soil without requiring any pre-chilling as other fall-planted bulbs do. The blooms of these large bulbs range in color from white, pink, red, or orange and resemble multiple trumpets in shape. The blooms typically appear within 4-8 weeks of planting and can last up to 4 weeks.

Plant Information

  • Planting Time: Winter (indoors)
  • Bloom Time: Winter
  • Hardiness Zone: n/a
  • Suitable Zone: n/a
  • Light Needs: Partial - Full Sun

Planting Amaryllis

  1. Amaryllis are typically sold in fall or early winter and should be planted within 2 weeks of receiving or purchasing them. If purchased as part of a kit, place soil disk in the provided pot along with warm water. Allow disk to sit in water for approximately five minutes. The disk will begin to expand as it soaks up the water. As it expands, the soil can be "fluffed" with a fork to fill the pot.
  2. If no soil disk is provided, simply use a nutrient-rich potting soil in any desired pot which is approximately 2" wider and 2" deeper than the diameter of the bulb. Be sure that whichever container is used has adequate drainage as these bulbs do not like to sit wet.
  3. Plant the bulb so that the pointed end is up and just protruding from the surface of the soil.
  4. Water well and place in an area of your home which stays warm and receives indirect sunlight.
  5. Continue to provide water on a weekly basis to keep soil slightly moist but not wet.
  6. Once blooms have faded, cut off the flower stalk as close to the base as possible. Keep the soil slightly moist and add house plant fertilizer if desired.
  7. Begin withholding water in late July or early August and allow the bulb to go dormant and dry out completely in a sunny area. In early fall, remove and clean the bulb of old scales and any remaining dead foliage.
  8. Re-pot plant whenever desired to restart the growing process.