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Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet Autumn Pre-Potted Clematis

Clematis paniculata

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    The Sweet Autumn Clematis is a late blooming clematis with dainty white flowers adorning it late Summer to early Autumn. Plant this vine to grow up a fence trelllis, or arbor and wait for Autumn for it's sweetly scented white blooms!

    *Will come pre-potted with active growth for head start this season*

    Clematis planting tip: When selecting the planting location for your Clematis it is important to remember that they like there "face" in the sun (the green growth and viny portion) and there "feet" in the shade (their roots). Make sure to plant in a sunny location and provide shade to the roots by adding mulch or ground cover.

    Pruning Group A. This variety grows on previous years stems. After blooming in the Spring/early Summer, immediately prune out the weak/broken stems.