Blazing Scarlet Shade Planter Collection

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12 bulbs per package
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This lush combination of stunning reds and complimentary whites will enliven your patio plantings this summer! Make an exhilirating combination of scarlet roseform begonias planted with the moonlight caladiums for a bright foliage affect. The Blaze caladiums deep red and green foliage, looks great when planted with white begonias for a flowering accent in your containers. This collection is also a solution for your shade border planting areas, mix the red and white begonias and plant them in front of the caladiums for a stand out combination.

This collecton contains the following:

1 #71105 White Double Begonia (3/pack)

1 #72117 Moonlight Caladium (3/pack)

1 #71106 Scarlet Double Begonia (3/pack)

1 #72106 Postman Joyner Caladium (3/pack)