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Stuttgart Canna

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3 rhizomes per package
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Ship Season: Spring
This canna features bold leaves that are striped with green and white. Orange flowers will appear in mid summer, but the best feature of this canna is definitely the variegated leaves. Best when grown in a partially shaded location, as full sun will most likely warrant sun burn on the leaves.  Thrives in a moist location with protection from the afternoon sun.
Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

Sprouting already

  • Fast growing
  • Hard to find variety of canna
  • Stuttgart can get sunburned in full sun
Stuttgart canna was planted in pots the day they arrived. Here we are two weeks later and they are sprouting up out of the soil. I’m just hoping now that they really are Stuttgart. I’ve tried getting this canna before (from other places), and it either never grew or was not Stuttgart canna. For now I’m giving this 5 stars.


nice big firm rhizomes, they have not started to grow yet but look like they will do well.