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  • Seed Starting Kit With Peat Pellets - 75500
  • Seed Starting Kit With Peat Pellets - 75500
  • Seed Starting Kit With Peat Pellets - 75500
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Seed Starting Kit With Peat Pellets

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    Starting seeds indoors is sure to be a breeze with our Seed Starting Kit! Everything you need for successfully starting vegetables, flowers and fruits is included in this handy kit!

    You will also receive 13 peat pellets that make planting seeds easy and efficient! Place the seed(s) in the center of the pellet, add water and it will expand to fit each cell of your cell tray perfectly! Use the base tray as the perfect place to place peat pellets until they expand. Once you are ready to plant, the pellet can be removed easily from the tray and transplanted. This helps eliminate transplant shock and root damage. Peat pellets are made up of the perfect medium to use for successful seed germination.

    Each kit includes the following: 

    • The base tray will catch any extra water or loose soil. You can also use the tray for bottom watering which ensures the roots can absorb water as needed. The tray is made of plastic and can easily used multiple times! 
    • The cell tray is transparent allowing you to easily watch the progress of your seedlings! Each of the 13 cells has a drainage hold to prevent overwatering and improves air flow. 
    • The transparent cover offers an adjustable vent that will help regulate temperature and humidity within the tray.  This allows you more control over the environment your seedlings and the growing process.  The transparent cover also makes it easy to watch your seedings grow!