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  • Potato Growing Bag
  • Potato Growing Bag
  • Potato Growing Bag
  • Potato Growing Bag
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Potato Growing Bag

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    Our Potato Growing Bag is the perfect solution to growing potatoes and other root vegetables when you have limited space!  Made from a lightweight, breathable fabric, this 10 gallon grower bag provides the right amount of ventilation to prevent excessive moisture while still providing oxygen for healthy growth!  Strong handles adhered to each side allows the ease of moving the bags to different locations.  Each bag also comes with a large harvest window to be able to check on the progress and health of the plants!  Each 10 gallon bag can accomodate 4-6 seeds per pag, perfect for seed and fingerling potatoes.  What's great is the growing bag isn't just for potatoes!  You can also grow carrots, onions, radishes and other root vegetables successfully!  Once the growing season is over, simply empty the contents of the bag, wash and store dry.  

    Planting Instructions

    1. Fill about 1/3 full (6"-8" deep) with a 50/50 mixture of garden moistened soil and compost.

    2. Evenly space 4-6 seed or fingerling potatoes and/or pieces ("eyes up" ) and cover with 3 inches of soil.

    3. When sprouts have reached 6" tall, mound the soil over the sprouts another 2-3".  Continue until the growing bag is full of soil.  

    4. Water regularly, roughly every 2-3 days during the hot Summer months.  Adjust accordingly during cooler days and rainy periods.  

    5. Once leaves start to wilt and turn yellow, stop watering and wait about 2-3 weeks.   Potatoes are ready for harvesting when more than 50% of the leaves have turned yellow.

    **Color may vary