• Natural Albino Pineberry  - 75159
  • Natural Albino Pineberry  - 75159
  • Natural Albino Pineberry  - 75159
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Natural Albino Pineberry

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10 roots per package
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The pineberry is a white strawberry with red seeds. Pineberries are actually the oldest strawberry variety. The aroma and taste of pineberries never disappoints – the striking berries have a unique pineapple flavor. Only recently introduced to North America, be the first to dazzle your neighbors and friends! Pineberry is a Dutch introduction of berry plant. Dr. Hans De Jongh is a Dutch Strawberry breeder who has done extensive work with pineberry breeding. 


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Received a few weeks back and got them planted. Within a week they were growing great and continue to do so. Imagine we'll get berries next year once the plants mature. Cannot wait!!!