• Natural Albino Pineberry  - 75159
  • Natural Albino Pineberry  - 75159
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Natural Albino Pineberry

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10 roots per package
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Pineberry is a Dutch introduction of berry plant. Dr. Hans De Jongh is a Dutch Strawberry breeder who has done extensive work with pineberry breeding. The name Pineberry comes from the combination of Strawberry and Pineapple. Pineberry's have a distinct Stawberry & Pineapple flavor to them

Pineberry Planting Tips:

Pineberry's need a pollinator in order to produce their sweet white berries. In the Natural Albino Pineberry Collection, is included 5 Natural Albino Pineberry roots and 5 Sonata Strawberry roots to ensure cross pollination will occur. Every other plant must be a self pollinating variety, which is why we have included 5 of each root type and labeled them in the package.