Hartenaas Dahlia

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A true delight for any garden, the Hartenaas Impression Dahlia will add a soft pink glow to the all of the blooms in your landscape. The pink blooms each have a white "collar" around its golden center, making it a focal point of borders, mid-height range gardens, and containers.

Dahlia Planting Tips:

How to get the most flowers from your dahlia plants:

After a few weeks, you will see offshoots and as soon as the plant develops about 4-6" high, it is best to cut the dahlia plant back to just above the second leaf axle. By cutting the dahlia back this will stimulate new growth as well a broader and more abundant branches .A dahlia plant that is full will produce a greater amount of blooms.

To keep your dahlias blooming in abundance:

Regularly remove buds (also called deadheading) that have died during flowering.