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  • Flaming Agrass Triumph Tulip - 88317
  • Flaming Agrass Triumph Tulip - 88317

Flaming Agrass Triumph Tulip

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    The Flaming Agrass Triumph Tulips are not only beautiful but offer a one-of-a-kind bloom in your Spring garden!  The bright white petals have distinct yellow streaking throughout making this variety truly unique!  Flaming Agrass Triumph Tulips do best in full sun and will grow up to 22" tall with 3" blooms! Plant in groups to create a stunning bouquet effect that will make everyone passing by do a double take!  Triumph tulips are among the most resilient, sturdiest tulips on the market helping them to withstand harsh weather conditions.  The strong stems also help create a beautiful, long-lasting cut flower bouquet!

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