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Crocus etruscus Zwanenburg

Crocus etruscus

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This special crocus has many attributes we love, it blooms later than other crocus, and it features lilac blue and deep blue/violet striations in the petals! Plant with white daffodils for a clean and fresh April garden look. Also known as Tuscan Crocus as it is native to Northern Italy.

  • Crocus like a sunny location, but will tolerate partial shade.
  • Crocus require well-drained soil with organic matter. Amend soil with organic matter such as compost, manure or peat humus.
  • Space your crocus 2-4” apart, or plant together in one large hole leaving a small amount of space between bulbs so they are not touching.
  • Crocus don’t always have a noticeably pointed end. Plant your crocus 2-3” deep, with the flattest side touching the earth. If you are unsure which side is up, plant the crocus corms on their side, they will straighten out to find the sun.
  • Fertilize at planting with Hi Yield Bulb Food or for organic gardening use Bulb-Tone. Apply fertilizer at least 2” below the bottom of the bulbs so that the roots will get the most benefit from the fertilizer.
  • Water the area the crocus have been planted immediately after. Additional water in fall and winter is not necessary; bulbs prefer to be kept dry when dormant.
  • Apply a 2” layer of mulch in late fall.
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healthy and large bulbs.

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Crocus etruscus Zwanenburg came in a timely manner and looked health. Each bulb was full and I hope my spring is full of crocus in my garden.