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Exquisite Amaryllis Collection

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3 bulbs per package
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Ship Season: Winter

3 Exquisite Amaryllis bulbs to cheer up your home this winter season! We have selected 3 of our most loved and unique amaryllis varieties in this collection: Rilona Amaryllis, Queen of Night Amaryllis and Marilyn Amaryllis. The amaryllis bulbs in this collection are premium bulbs in the largest size available for each variety. The Rilona Amaryllis is a large jumbo 34/36+ cm bulb which will produce multiple large 6"+ diameter blooms! Queen of Night Amaryllis produces a deep, sultry red bloom, and is sent as a 42+ cm jumbo amaryllis bulb. The Marilyn is a dwarf amaryllis which will produce multiple white, fully double petaled blooms weeks after being planted. Plant all 3 together or spread them out and enjoy their exquisite colors seperately!

Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

Bargain bundle!

"Treat yo'self!". That's what I told myself when I was worried about ordering these. Definitely no regrets - all beautiful flowers.

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When I ordered these amaryllis bulbs, I was quite comprehensive. Due to the fact I have ordered from other places and the bulbs came to me in a rotten stage with no guarantee on them. However these bulbs came in packaged well, no rot to them. And the size of the bulbs were about the size of a baseball and were already poking their flower leaves out. I ordered quite a few and can't wait to see the outcome. It will be great to have some color in our home, while the snow and cold is outside in our Utah weather. Also, when you order the kits, they come with the container, soil packet and he bulb. All you have to do is add the water, plant the bulb and watch the beauty.