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Bone Meal
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Bulb-tone Organic Bone Meal

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    • 100% natural and organic approved
    • Great source of Calcium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus
    • Long-lasting, slow release- won't burn or leach away
    • Safe for people, pets and the environment
    • Promotes strong roots, helps with pest and disease resistance
    • Ideal for spring & fall bulbs

    Bulb-tone Organic Bone Meal is an all natural source of Calcium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus.  Bone meal helps develop a strong root system and promote plant growth making it perfect for planting bulbs and bare roots.  Bone Meal is also used to help strengthen a plants immune system, helping with pest and disease resistance.  Bone Meal can be applied during planting by following the instructions on the package.  It breaks down slowly, only needing to be applied once a year.  Help give your plants the boost they need to grow strong and healthy with Bulb-tone Organic Bone Meal!