• Blueray Blueberry - 75157
  • Blueray Blueberry - 75157
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Blueray Blueberry

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This early to mid season blueberry plant produces large, sweet and high flavored blueberries. Blueray is winter hardy and does well in the midwest as well as the northeast. Self pollinating, another blueberry plant is not required for fruit production.

Blueberry Planting Tips:

  • Test your soil to see if you have the correct soil PH that blueberries require
  • Amend soil with sulfur if your ph is neutral to alkaline
  • Choose a full sun location
  • Amend soil with organic matter to increase drainage if necessary
  • Do not fertilize at planting
  • Plant the root 1-2" below the soil surface
  • Mulch with a 3-4" layer of wood chips to help water retention
  • Water 1-3 times per week directly to the root zon