Moonlight All White Garden Collection


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263 bulbs per package
Ship Season: Fall

Have you ever wanted to try planting a "Moonlight Garden"? Now is your chance!

Holland Bulb Farms is proud to present its Moonlight All White Garden Collection! We've now made it easier than ever to create the effect you desire and have taken the guess work out of the design! With an even mix of early, mid, and late spring bloomers, this garden will light up the night in your landscape all spring long!

This item contains all of the plants you need to create a Moonlight Garden that will cover between 150-200 square feet.

About Moonlight Gardens: Among all of the garden themes used by gardeners these days, the "Moonlight Garden" or all white garden is perhaps one of the most popular. Designed around enjoying your garden long after the sun has set, the white blooms reflect the light of the moon, making it highly visible even in the dark. Most Moonlight Gardens (like this one) also contain many fragrant flowers, intended to soothe the viewer after a long day's work. Plant a garden such as this near a patio or deck and enjoy it at all times of the day. After all, with our busy schedules dusk and after may be the only time we're home long enough to take pleasure in our hard work!

This Collection Contains the following:

2 (10 bulb) packs of #88138 Pim Fortuyn Triumph Tulip

2 (10 bulb) packs of #88126 Mondial Double Early Tulip

5 (1 rhizome) pack of #85123 Immortality Reblooming Bearded Iris

2 (25 bulb) packs of #83125 White Grape Hyacinth or Muscari

2 (10 bulb) packs of #88163 Catherina Single Late Tulip

1 (15 bulb) pack of #84105 Aiolos Hyacinth Jumbo Pack

2 (5 bulb) packs of #82121 Thalia Daffodil

2 (25 bulb) packs of #83113 Jeanne D' Arc Giant Crocus

3 (10 bulb) packs of #82128 Bridal Crown Daffodil

5 (1 bulb) packs of #81114 Mount Everest Allium

1 (14 bulb) pack of #88108 Purissima Tulip Value Bag

2 (12 bulb) packs of #85132 White Van Vilet Dutch Iris