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  • Patriot Blueberry - 75156
  • Patriot Blueberry - 75156
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Patriot Blueberry

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    Patriot Blueberry is an upright growing blueberry bush. This winter hardy variety will grow in zones 3-7. Blueberry plants require a PH range of 4.5-4.8 for the results. Patriot Blueberry will produce fruit 1 year after planting.

    Blueberry Planting Tips:

    • Test your soil to see if you have the correct soil PH that blueberries require
    • Amend soil with sulfur if your ph is neutral to alkaline
    • Choose a full sun location
    • Amend soil with organic matter to increase drainage if necessary
    • Do not fertilize at planting
    • Plant the root 1-2" below the soil surface
    • Mulch with a 3-4" layer of wood chips to help water retention
    • Water 1-3 times per week directly to the root zone.

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