Essential Deer Resistant Garden

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One way to prevent deer from eating your bulbs is to plant bulbs that deer don't like. If you have deer, squirrel or rabbits in your yard or near your yard, better be safe than sorry and fill your yard with bulbs that these furry pests stay away from. The Essential Deer Resistant Garden has an assortment of mid and late spring blooming bulbs to add color to your garden this coming spring.

Essential Deer Resistant Garden Includes the Following:

Drumstick Allium 100 bulbs

Checkered Lilies 20 bulbs

Golden Bells Narcissus 4 bulbs

Deluxe Daffodil Mix 6 bulbs

Purple Sensation Allium 20 bulbs

When planted at 4" spacing the Essential Deer Resistant Garden covers approximately 15 square feet.All packages included in this garden have planting depth and spacing suggestions included on the package.