• Kelvin Floodlight Dinnerplate Dahlia - 74121
  • Kelvin Floodlight Dinnerplate Dahlia - 74121
  • Kelvin Floodlight Dinnerplate Dahlia - 74121
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Kelvin Floodlight Dinnerplate Dahlia


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Our Dinnerplate Dahlias really bloom the size of a real dinner plate! Kelvin Floodlight is a beautiful brilliant yellow that will produce colossal 8-10" flowers. This magnificent flower will grow up to three feet in height and is sure to be the talk of the town! Great for cutting and background accents. Often used for 14th Wedding Anniversaries!

After first growth-Pinch out the center growing tip right above the 3rd full sets of leaves for the large dinner plates dahlias. This will create a stronger, more manageable plant with more blooms. It will also make the plant less top heavy to where you have a need for staking.
Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
New Jersey

Beautiful Product

Having always received great products from Breck's, I know I can trust them. The dinner plate dahlia tuber I received was just the latest one I ordered this year. Its big and strong-looking and I expect great things from it.

Virginia/Carolina Border

Dahlia Tubers come in many sized

Each January, like all avid gardeners, I begin to receive gardening catalogs by the cart load. So many offer remarkably low prices on what the catalog shows to be beautiful flowers. I order many dahlias each year and sometimes fall for the low price offers. When they come they are miniscule and few survive. Not so with orders from Holland Bulbs. My order came with hefty multi tuber clumps that will produce flowers right away and not have to wait a year or two for the tubers to grow and multiply. Avoid the temptation from low end merchandisers.