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Pharaoh's Mask™ Pre-Potted Elephant Ear

Pharaoh's Mask™ Pre-Potted Elephant Ear

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1 plant in 3-4" pot per package
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    Our Pharaoh's Mask™ Elephant Ear is one of the most distinctive varieties you can find!  The dark green, glossy leaves have raised dark purple veins that give the foliage a 3D effect!  The sturdy stems are also dark purple, providing texture and contrasting colors all on one plant!  The Pharaoh's Mask™ can grow up to 5' tall making this a perfect specimen plant in your garden or in a large container.  Provide plenty of moisture and place in a part sun, warm location and watch them thrive!  Elephant Ears are the perfect plant to add near a water feature or pond.

    Although Elephant Ears are not hardy in most climates, they can easily be taken indoors over the cold Winter months and enjoyed as a houseplant! If planning on transferring them indoors over Winter, we do recommend planting them in containers for easy transport. Before the first frost, you can take your Elephant Ear indoors near a bright, sunny window. During this time, you can decrease the watering as they do need to go slightly dormant over the Winter months. Once the temperatures begin to warm again in the Spring, you can move your Elephant Ear back outdoors in a sunny, warm location. Be sure to protect from colder nights during this transition time.