• Twilight and Light Shade Garden Collection - 79215
  • Bouton de Rose Double Begonia - 71134
  • Chocoholic Snakeroot - 77560
  • Chocoholic Snakeroot - 77560
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Twilight and Light Shade Garden Collection

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Experience the deep burgundy leaves of Chocoholic Snakeroot as the twilight in this garden collection. When combined with the light blooms of the Bouton de Rose Double Begonias it makes for a contrasting color combination. 

The fine texture of Chocoholic Snakeroot are perfect for the back of the garden. Bouton de Rose Begonias can be planted in the foreground of the snakeroot. Plant the Bouton de Rose Begonias as an accent in a planter near the snakeroot. 

Twilight and Light Shade Garden Collection: