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  • SunFern Olympia Artemisia - 77629
  • SunFern Olympia Artemisia - 77629

SunFern Olympia Artemisia

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    Enjoy the look of ferns but only have full sun?  If so, the SunFern Olympia Artemisia is the perfect plant for you!  SunFerns feature foliage that has a fern-like look and texture but will thrive in full sun!  Once established, these beauties are very low maintenance, drought tolerant and very Winter hardy.  This deer and rabbit resistant perennial works best plants as a border or groundcover.  

    SunFern Olympia Artemisia works best in full sun but will tolerate half day sun as well.  Foliage should remain in tact over Winter and old foliage should be removed in Spring.  Fertilizer isn't necessary but a high Nitrogen fertilizer can be used in the Spring and late Summer to help maintain lush foliage.