Beginner Vegetable Garden Collection

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9 Veggies + 3 Herbs per package
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Want to know where your vegetables are coming from this summer? Then try your hand at growing your own vegetable garden. The Small Vegetable Garden Collection is perfect for anyone who has never grown there own vegetables and wants to try it out, or for the experienced gardener with limited space. This collection includes a wide variety of satisfying vegetables that can be planted directly into the ground this spring. Each package in the collection comes with growing tips and information.

This collection contains the following:

1 #75115 Shallots (6/pack)

1 #75112 Garlic (3/pack)

1 #75105 Goldrush Russet Seed Potatoes (5 lbs/pack)

1 #75513 Bush Bean - White Half Runner

1 #75528 Carrot Danvers Half Long

1 #75506 Chives

1 #75505 Sweet Basil

1 #75535 Dill Mammoth

1 #75558 Radish French Breakfast

1 #75520 Pea Sugar Snap

1 #75562 Spinach

1 #75110 Stuttgarter Yellow Onion Sets (100/pack)