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Shady Lane Perennial Collection

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12 roots per package
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Shady Lane Perennial Collection contains some of the most popular shade tolerant perennials. This collection of hosta and astilbe will add color and texture to any part to full shade location. Complete garden includes 12 roots that will cover approximately 12 -18 square feet depending on plant spacing. These perennials can also be planted throughout the shaded areas of your yard to add color and fill in any empty spaces. 

Shady Lane Perennial Collection Includes:

Astilbe require consistent moisture to thrive, be sure the roots get plenty of water especially when they are being established. 

We suggest starting these roots in pots prior to planting in the ground for best results. Instructions on how to start bare roots in pots. 

  1. Identify the top part of the plant, including the crown of the plant. The crown is where all the roots come together and where the growing point of the plant is.
  2. Select a pot that is large enough to fit the roots you are planting. Make sure the pot you select has holes for drainage.
  3. Add soil 1/3 to 1/2 way up the pot. Using a potting mix for containers or a plant starter mix will work best.
  4. Spread the roots out in the pot and soil. Hold the roots in place while adding more soil. Add soil until it is level with the top of the plant. Leave about a 1″ space between the soil and top of the pot for when you water.
  5. Add water until it runs through the bottom of the pot. Check the soil daily. If the soil feels dry add water until it runs through the bottom of the pot.
  6. After a few weeks, top growth should appear. Once top growth appears the plant is close to being ready to be planted in the ground. Lift the plant out of the pot to see if the roots are established. If the root ball falls apart when lifted from the pot it is best to wait a couple more weeks before it is planted in the ground.