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Imbroglio Bearded Iris

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Imbroglio Bearded Iris will grow 30-36" tall! Lavender purple blooms with white and orange accents can be seen on sturdy stems.

  • Bearded Iris need to be planted in full sun
  • Soil that drains well is essential to the health of your bearded iris. Amend soil with organic matter such as compost, manure or peat moss prior to planting.
  • Bearded Iris should be planted at least 6 weeks before your ground freezes for the year. The earlier in late summer or early fall you can plant bearded iris the better results you will have.
  • Bearded Iris are quite sensitive to planting depth. Plant so that the rhizome is partially above ground, typically this planting depth is 1-2” below the soil surface.
  • Bearded Iris will multiply over time, space according to package instructions.
  • Water the planting area immediately after planting to eliminate air pockets. Bearded Iris are sensitive to rotting, any additional water in fall or winter is not required.