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  • Red Lion Amaryllis Value Pack - 92178
  • Red Lion Amaryllis Value Pack - 92178
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Red Lion Amaryllis Value Pack

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Why buy one bulb when you can get three! Add a little light to your winter with these all winter blooming flowers. Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and fun to watch bloom, this is a great gift for all ages! Plant in containers indoors in cold climates.

*Shipping starts mid-November.*

Select a pot to plant the amaryllis bulb in. An ideal pot is 6” in diameter with drain holes at the bottom. Add soil, such as potting soil meant for container planting to the pot about ½ way up the pot. Place the amaryllis bulb in the soil with the pointed end facing up. Fill in the pot on the sides of the amaryllis bulb with the remaining soil. Water after planting to reduce air pockets.

Amaryllis tolerate dry conditions but will benefit from regular watering especially as stems and buds form.

Amaryllis tolerate a range of light conditions and can be grown in a sunny location, but will also bloom in low light settings.

Expect 2-3 bloom cycles from the amaryllis bulb in your growing kit.

Once the amaryllis produces only leaves and no stems it is finished blooming for the season.

To get your amaryllis to bloom again:

After removing the wax from the bulb. Cut off the leaves from bulb. Remove the bulb from the pot and soil it is planted in. Store the bulb in a paper bag in cool, dry, and dark location. Avoid storing the bulb in extreme heat or cold.

In late September to early October prepare to wake up the bulb for growth and blooms. Take the amaryllis out of the bag and plant the bulb in soil, add water and sun. Gradually expose the potted amaryllis to sun to help keep the growth balanced. Within 6-8 weeks new blooms will appear on your amaryllis.

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very pleased with this. Nice size - healthy and plump. Great value.

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Very large bulb.