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  • Lambert Cactus & Succulent Mix - 4 QT - 62121
  • Lambert Cactus & Succulent Mix
  • Lambert Cactus & Succulent Mix

Lambert Cactus & Succulent Mix - 4 QT

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    • Ready to use
    • Formulated to replicate arid soil found in low moisture environments
    • Allows proper aeration for plants with low moisture needs
    • Includes sand for density and drainage
    • Perfect for containers
    • Can be added to garden beds to loosen heavy, clay soil
    • Great for indoor or outdoors use

    Lambert Cactus and Succulent Mix is specifically designed to replicate the soil conditions for plants that do not require frequent watering.  This mix contains Canadian Shpagnum Peat Moss to add organic matter, Horticultural Perlite and Course sand to help with drainage and aeration and Dolomitic and Calcitic Limestone to help neutralize acidity and absorb nutrients.  This mix can be used for potted cactus and succulents and also can be added to a garden bed to help loosen up clay soil.  Use Lambert's Cactus and Succulent Mix, your plants will be sure to thank you!