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Joker Peony

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Joker Peony is a double blooming herbaceous peony. Large 6" diameter blooms open vibrant pink over time changing to white with pink picotee edges. Bushy perennial is long lasting and grows approximately 2.5' to 3' tall with a similar spread. Fragrant pink and white blooms put on a show in the late spring garden.

For optimal results when planting your bare root peonies, prepare 12-18" of soil where you plan on planting the root. Dig out this area, and amend with organic matter, and plant starter mix. By preparing 12-18" you will encourage healthy root growth for the future of your peony bush. When you plant your bare root peony, make sure it is only slightly below the soil surface, with the eye no more than 2" below the soil.

Planting Advice

  • Performs best in full sun to partial shade
  • Fertilize in spring or early summer with fertilizer that contains low levels of nitrogen such as Dr. Earth Spectacular Bulb Food
  • Peonies may take several seasons to bloom, but these long lasting perennial classics are worth the wait
  • Fast growing to 2.5'-3'
  • Peonies are sensitive to planting depth, plant with crown slightly below the soil level
  • Peonies do not favor being transplanted, choose a location it can stay in for a long time.