Reblooming German Iris Collection

Iris germanica

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4 rhizomes per package
Ship Season: Fall
Are you longing for Iris blooms all spring long? Now we've made it easy for you to achieve this! The Endless Iris Collection features all four of our Reblooming Bearded Iris. Not only will these four varieties look great together, you'll enjoy bloom after marvelous bloom! These varieties inclue the following:

Beverly Sills Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris: Grows 30-40" tall. One of the most sought-after Tall Bearded Iris of all time, the blooms of the 'Beverly Sills' are perfectly formed! The pale coral-pink petals are fairly broad and set off the light apricot beard making it truly delightful. Watch these iris blooms return time after time with this rebloomer!

Champagne Elegance Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris: Grows 28-34" tall. Truly refined, the 'Champage Elegance' Reblooming Bearded Iris could not possibly have more class. Its gorgeous apricot falls surround the extremely pale pink or white standards. With 7 to 10 flower buds per stem, this generous bloomer will be sure to add a soft shimmer to your iris garden both in the last spring and late summer when it reblooms.

Immortality Reblooming Bearded Iris: Grows 30-36" tall.Perhaps the most famous white iris, the 'Immortality' Reblooming Bearded Iris is truly angelic! Its extremely wide falls are adorned by butter yellow beards. Blooming once in late spring and then once again in late summer or fall, you'll be happy these amazing blooms come twice a year!

Victoria Falls Reblooming Bearded Iris: Grows 30-40" tall. Displaying extremely handsome, light blue ruffled petals, the 'Victoria Falls' Reblooming Bearded Iris truly is reminiscent of a waterfall. The center of each petal is adorned with a single white patch which helps to highlight the white beard. This rebloomer will be sure to give you pleasure throughout the spring season!

Try this collection in your garden this year and enjoy your iris all spring long!