Purple Pride Hyacinth

Hyacinth orientalis

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The Splendid Cornelia Hyacinth is a gorgeous pastel lavender hyacinth flower with dark blue veins on each petal. It produces an absolutely wonderful fragrance and the bulbs force well indoors. This hyacinth blooms in mid spring and is shunned by rodents and deer!

  • Hyacinths prefer a sunny planting location
  • Plant hyacinths in well-drained soil; amend the soil with organic matter such as compost, manure or peat moss.
  • The skin of hyacinths can cause a minor allergic skin reaction in some people. We suggest using gloves when handling your hyacinth bulbs.
  • Plant hyacinth bulbs 6-8” deep, for strong root growth dig out the entire planting area 15” deep, back fill with amended soil to 6-8” and plant your hyacinth bulbs, back fill with remaining soil.
  • Space hyacinth bulbs 6-8”.
  • Water the planting area immediately after planting to eliminate air pockets. Hyacinths are very sensitive to rotting, any additional water in fall or winter is not suggested.
  • Apply a thick 2-3” layer of organic mulch to the planting area in mid to late fall.
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