Non-Stop Spring-Blooming Bulb Collection

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198 bulbs per package
Ship Season: Fall

Do you have a garden space you'd like to fill with an immense burst of spring color from March through Early June? Or are you new to bulb gardening looking to just get your hands dirty? If so, the Non Stop Spring Blooming Bulb Collection is just the thing for you! Take the guess work out of planning your spring bulb garden with this collection that contains everything you need to create a continuous display of spring color in your landscape. All of these bulbs are proven winners and will come back to grace your garden year after year!

This Collection contains the following:

1 (8 bulb) pack of #82100 Mixed Daffodil Value Bag

1 (12 bulb) pack of #83101 Large Mixed Crocus Value Bag

1 (25 bulb) pack of #83123 Blue Grape Hyacinth

2 (5 bulb) packs of #81115 Flowering Onion or Allium Aflatunense

3 (4 bulb) packs of #82173 Fortune Daffodil

1 (14 bulb) pack of #88106 Purple Flag Tulip Value Bag

1 (100 bulb) pack of #83107 Mixed Botanical Crocus Jumbo Pack

3 (1 rhizome) packs of #85184 Mean Streak Bearded Iris

1 (14 bulb) pack of #88316 Don Quichotte Tulip Value Bag