Deer Resistant Spring Blooming Garden

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175 bulbs per package
Ship Season: Fall

If deer and squirrels think your spring garden is there buffet this is the collection for you! All the bulbs in this collection deer and squirrels do not prefer to eat and tend to leave them alone. This collection will provide blooms from early to late spring in an array of colors and heights!

This Collection Contains the following:

1 (5 bulb) pack of #81115 Flowering Onion or Allium Aflatunense

1 (15 bulb) pack of #84107 Giant Mixed Hyacinths

1 (100 bulb) pack of #83102 Blue Grape Hyacinth or Muscari Jumbo Pack

1 (25 bulb) pack of #82159 Pink Charm Daffodil Jumbo Pack

1 (25 bulb) pack of #82132 Yellow Cheerfulness Daffodil Jumbo Pack

1 (5 bulb) pack of #81118 Ivory Queen Allium